June 2020

The industry is still almost completely shut down, and I'm at home with family keeping social distance.  There have been some stirrings in the industry, I've had a handful of remote auditions but mostly for TBD projects.  I am currently working on a remote project that picks up almost 15 years after I we originally shot it with filmmaker John Reposa, based on a chapter in the dystopic future masterpiece Superflat Times. Seems an inspired time for such a project.

We are still very deep in the throes of a global pandemic.  I hope we all take the precautionary habits we've practiced while sheltering and taking them with us into a slowly reopening world.   It's crucial that we keep slowing the spread, and WEARING A MASK IN PUBLIC IS THE BEST THING WE CAN ALL DO.


So if you're sheltering at home and have Netflix, catch me on your binges!


LIVING WITH YOURSELF.  I have a comedic moment with Paul Rudd in the first minute of episode 3 ('Green Tea'). 


HAPPY!, with Chris Meloni & Patton Oswalt. I'm in the first episode of the first season ('Saint Nick'), as a very unhelpful desk officer about 28 minutes in.

THE BLACKLIST, Season 6, Episode 20, I play a helpful Minnesota police officer right before the opening title card.


My Snickers 'Heist' spot is running again, though mostly just the 15 second version.  I'm more engaged in the 30 second version, which you can see on this website under clips.

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